Mechanics Basketball Training Sessions are intense workouts that are focused on getting players prepared for their upcoming school and travel basketball tryouts/season. The sessions will be focused on skill development and controlled, instructional game-play. 

These sessions will be an intense developmental program focused on preparing every player for the winter basketball season.

Please see below for a more detailed breakdown of what each session entails.

  • Shooting mechanics: Teaching correct footwork, eliminating excess movement in each shooting phase, correct form leading to consistency & finishing with the proper follow through and balance.

  • Ball handling: Intense dribbling/combination moves to tighten up ball-handling capabilities, learning to use dribble moves to escape pressure situations and/or to create for others, along with breaking down a defender to score.

  • Passing: Develop the ability to make accurate passes with both hands with different types of passes and making correct reads in game situations.

  • Screens: Using on & off ball screens to create space & read a defender to either score or create a scoring situation for someone else.

  • Finishes: Different ways to finish at the basket, using correct angles to score and/or to draw fouls. Learning to be creative and using both hands to finish in different ways either around a defender or creating contact to finish through a defender.

  • Defense: Teach physical defense using the defenders body to cut the offensive player off and focusing on sliding the defender’s feet to contain the ball handler and “wall up” while contesting shots and layups.

  • Game-Play: Each session will end with controlled live game-play from 1v1 up to 3v3, teaching players to transfer the skills they have learned into game speed situations as they are coached and corrected by the staff.

Tuesday & Thursdays ( No Training Thursday  12th & 19th Because of practice) Grades 7th-12th

Mondays Grades 4th-6th ( If you would like to train on Tuesday & Thursday please contact us)

Grades 7th-12th 6-730

March 20th - May 29th

Grades 4th-6th 6-730

March  19th-May 21st


 $20 per session


2 times in a week $20 per session

10 sessions package $150


Larry Copeland

Shannon Vinson 

Micheal Crosby 

TBD- Location

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