The Mission of West Michigan Drive is be the premier basketball player development program in West Michigan. West Michigan Drive is completely committed to educating, training and developing the whole person through basketball. Our staff will strive to provide our players with the coaching and training they need to reach their highest possible potential on and off the court.

West Michigan Drive Basketball

About West Michigan Drive
West Michigan Drive was created in August 2011 by a group of individuals with a vision of building a basketball program that would look after the best interest of the players. Prioritizing the coach/player relationship, individual player development, and a productive learning environment are the ideals that define our program. With over 10 years of coaching experience and 5 years of administrative experience in the youth basketball arena, we are confident that the WM Drive team will be able to provide the most complete developmental experience for your child.

West Michigan Drive prides itself as an educational program built upon the fundamental skills of basketball. We believe the life lessons and values we teach are essential to a player’s development as an athlete, student, and person. Although we aim to develop individual and team skills, we recognize the most important lessons we teach athletes stretch beyond the basketball court. Hardwork, determination, and confidence are amongst the core values that go into everything we teach and train.



  • Blue Star Media Partnership – West Michigan Drive is an Nike Blue Star Media sponsored basketball program. We use our relationship with the internationally renowned athletic company to aid our student-athletes in reaching their athletic and academic goals.

  • Player Development – The WM Drive goal is to develop each player. We will provide a complete basketball experience that stresses: fundamental skills, game concepts, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

  • Appropriate Competition – For our travel basketball teams, we will have multiple teams at most grade levels. This allows us to place players appropriately based on their skill level and position. We will work very closely with tournament directors to ensure that your child’s team is playing against other teams that will provide a challenging but competitive match up.

  • Positive Coaching – Our coaches are trained to provide positive and constructive feedback to the players in skills training and during the game. The constant feedback provided by coaches and staff will expedite the process for skill development.